Thinking About All On 4 Dental Implants

I am sure you know that there are a lot of ways that a smile can be improved. That is why many people are going to see prosthodontists more. One of their most popular procedures is putting in dental implants. One kind in particular is pretty popular and it is known as All On 4 dental implants. More on all on 4 dental implants Austin.


I find this procedure fascinating. Essentially, it is a dental implant procedures, but instead of working with individual teeth, it enables all teeth, on either the top or the bottom, to be replaced. It does this with the implantation of only four titanium rods that are inserted in one or both jawbones. Like regular implants, these rods have to heal and settle into the bone, but these do quickly due to the titanium, and once they do, then the implants can be put over any of the teeth.


The reason why this is such an effective procedure is because of the majority of people who are missing teeth. The majority are missing successive teeth in either the top, bottom, or both parts of their mouth. I think it is unrealistic for people who are missing a ton of teeth in the same area to get individual implants, and dentures can be really uncomfortable. This can be a more comfortable and quicker alternative.


I think this procedure is worth thinking about. It is true that this procedure is not for everyone. However, if you are missing a lot of teeth, you should think about discussing this as an option with your dentist.

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